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Printing and scanning of documents are done in the Rabindranath Tagore Resource Centre (RTRC).


  1. To print a document, save it in My Documents. 
  2. Go to the Administrator and indicate the document you wish to print on a specified computer.
  3. A slip will be given to you indicating the cost to print the document.
  4. Pay printing cost at the Circulation Desk. Make sure that you collect your receipt.
  5. Present your receipt to the administrator to receive your printed document.


Black and white
$20.00 per page

Black and white with graphics
$40.00 per page

$160.00 per page



  1. Complete a photocopy request form indicating the pages to be copied.
  2. Present the article and the photocopy request to a librarian at the Fines location of Circulation Desk.
  3. When the copy is completed, present your receipt to uplift the copied documents.


Research materials
$10.00 per exposure

Black and white with graphics
$15.00 per exposure